Protecting Perishable Foods During Transport by Truck and Rail

Airfoil accessories to increase fuel efficiency: underbody fairings

The importance of protecting perishable foods from loss of quality during transport has long been recognized. Increased recognition of the importance of the transport link in the food distribution cold chain in securing the safety of perishable foods has more recently become as well recognized.
This updated edition reflects the dynamic changes and innovations in the handling and transportation of perishable foods. Some of these include improved insulation and air movement, microprocessors for more efficient refrigeration, expert systems to control the transport environment and conserve fuel energy, and the use of telematics to monitor and control the performance of refrigerated vehicles during transit. This edition includes descriptions and recommendations for food transported over the road and by rail in marine containers, as well as in railcars. This 214-page revision was written by J. K. Brecht, Steven A. Sargent, Patrick E. Brecht, Jorge Saenz, and Leonard Rodowick and published by the UF/IFAS Horticultural Sciences Department in cooperation with the USDA AMS Transportation Services Division.

De Compras Para la Salud: Mariscos

Sea Grant seafood app photography at Wild Ocean Market on Friday, August 24th, 2012. Fish.
El marisco es un término general para todo tip de pescados y mariscos (USDA 2010). Los mariscos son parte del “grupo de alimentos de proteína” de MyPlate y también proporciona otros nutrientes necesarios para una buena salud (USDA 2011). Como hay muchos beneficios para la salud associados con la inclusión de los mariscos en la dieta, se recomienda que los adultos consuman al menos ocho onzas de una variedad de mariscos cada semana. Mientras que comer más mariscos se recomienda como parte de una dieta saludable, es importante tener en cuenta su presupuesto al hacer compras de mariscos. Este artículo explica los beneficios para la salud de los mariscos y ofrece algunas estrategias para ahorrar dinero para hacer los mariscos más asequible. This four page fact sheet is the Spanish language version of, written by Michelle Brown and Wendy J. Dahl, and published by the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department.

Shopping for Health: Seafood

grilled salmon on fresh greensSeafood is part of the protein foods group of MyPlate and also provides other nutrients needed for good health. Because of the many health benefits, adults should consume at least eight ounces of a variety of seafood every week. Still, it is important to consider your budget when shopping for seafood. This 4-page fact sheet explains the health benefits of seafood and offers some money-saving strategies for making seafood more affordable. Written by Michelle Brown and Wendy J. Dahl, and published by the UF Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, April 2014. (Photo: Elena Gaak/iStock/Thinkstock)