FCS8845/FY969 Small Farm Food Safety, Fresh Produce, Part 4: Farm Map Activity

FCS8845, a 3-page fact-sheet by Brian Lapinski, Amy Simonne, and M.E. Swisher, provides a schematic map of a theoretical farm and invites readers to identify and comment on the potential food safety risks depicted.Published by UF Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, October 2007.


ENH 1078/EP329 Evaluation of Petunia Cultivars as Bedding Plants for Florida

ENH1078, an 11-page illustrated fact-sheet by R.O. Kelly, Z. Deng, and B. K. Harbaugh, describes the history of petunia breeding in Florida and summarizes the results of field trials testing best performing cultivars in Florida and comparing the resulting standards with untested varieties from seed companies around the world. Includes a list of high performing cultivars, a table with detailed performance data and digital images of cultivars by class. Published by UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, October 2007.


FE701/FE701 Issues at the Rural-Urban Fringe: Hillsborough County Agriculture Stewardship Program

FE701, an 8-page fact-sheet by Rodney L. Clouser and Stephen Gran, describes a stewardship program developed to prevent premature conversion of agricultural land in this rapidly growing county surrounding Tampa Bay. Includes references. Published by UF Department of Food and Resource Economics, November 2007.


FA147/FA147 Candidate Species for Florida Aquaculture: Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Panulirus argus

FA147, a 5-page fact-sheet by Christian L. Miller, Cortney L. Ohs, R. LeRoy Creswell, introduces this lobster with whip-like antennae for aquaculture in Florida. It gives description and natural history and discusses culture methods, market, and diseases that may affect its aquaculture potential. Includes references and recommended additional reading. Published by UF Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, September 2007.


PP242/PP161 Charcoal Rot of Strawberries Caused by Macrophomina phaseolina

PP 242, an 2-page illustrated fact-sheet by N.A. Peres and James C. Mertely, describes this new crown-rot disease in Florida—causal agent and symptoms, disease development and spread, and control . Published by UF Department of Plant Pathology, November 2007.


ABE 381/AE428 Degree Days: Heating, Cooling, and Growing

ABE-381, a 7-page illustrated fact-sheet by Clyde W. Fraisse, John Bellow, and Charles Brown, discusses how growers can use the AgClimate web site to find out how to predict Growing Degree Day accumulation for the current season, and to review GDD for past seasons. Includes references. Published by UF Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, October 2007.


ENY-741S/IN747 La Ciguatera

ENY-741S, a 5-page illustrated fact-sheet by Jorge R. Rey, is the Spanish language version of ENY-741, Ciguatera. It describes this form of food poisoning caused by ingestion of salt water fish and invertebrates that have accumulated in their tissues a certain amount of the toxins produced by dinoflagellates. Includes references. Published by UF Department of Entomology and Nematology, November 2007.

ENY-741S, el 5 páginas ilustradas de hoja de datos de Jorge R. Rey, es la versión en español de ENY-741, Ciguatera. En él se describe esta forma de intoxicación alimentaria causada por la ingestión de agua salada peces e invertebrados que se han acumulado en sus tejidos una cierta cantidad de toxinas producidas por los dinoflagelados. Incluye referencias. Publicado por UF Departamento de Entomología y Nematology, noviembre de 2007.


ENY-694/IG110 Managing Pests of Indoor Plantscapes

Revised! ENY-694, a 9-page fact-sheet by E. A. Buss, L. S. Osborne, S. M. Dickerson and J. F. Price, is part of the Florida Master Gardener Handbook. It describes special aspects of interiorscape pest management. Includes a diagnostic guide for plants grown indoors, products available for interiorscape pest management, and insect and mite pesticide options. Published by UF Department of Entomology and Nematology, October 2007.

HS925/HS181 Potato Vine Killing or Desiccation

Revised! HS-925, a 3-page fact-sheet by Chad M. Hutchinson and William M. Stall, describes mechanical, chemical, and combination methods of killing potato vines to ensure tuber maturity at harvest. Includes a table listing potato vine dessicants and references. Published by UF Department of Horticultural Sciences, November 2007.


ENH 1075/EP343 Native Wildflowers: Mimosa strigillosa Torr. & A. Gray

ENH-1075, a 3-page illustrated fact sheet by Jeffrey G. Norcini and James H. Aldrich, describes two species of Mimosa that are native to Florida, use of powderpuff mimosa in the landscape, establishment, pests, and availability. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, November 2007.

WEC238/UW277 Dead Wood: Key to Enhancing Wildlife Diversity in Forests

WEC238, a 6-page illustrated fact sheet by Holly K. Ober and Patrick J. Minogue, explains how snags, logs, and brush piles provide important resources for wildlife, how these habitat elements can be created, and how much dead wood to provide. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, July 2007.

SS AGR 272/AG277 Benefits of Cover Crops for Soil Health

SS-AGR-272, a 4-page fact sheet by Y.C. Newman, D.W. Wright, C. Mackowiak, J.M.S. Scholberg and C.M. Cherr, discusses the benefits of cover crops in agricultural production, the benefits of soil organic matter; how to match cover crop nutrient release with future crop demand; timing and depth of residue incorporation; and erosion, pest and weed control. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, November 2007.

PI159/PI196 Pesticide Spill Kits

PI-159, a 3-page illustrated fact-sheet by Frederick M. Fishel, describes the kits that pesticide applicators should maintain for use in the event of an accidental release of a pesticide. It lists contents for simple and more elaborate kits and general spill clean-up procedures. Published by UF Department of Agronomy, November 2007.


FOR 127/FR183 Dogwood Anthracnose: A Threat to Flowering Dogwood

FOR-127, a 3-page illustrated fact sheet by Eric Holzmueller, Shibu Jose, and Alan Long, describes this non-native disease threatening flowering dogwood populations in the eastern United States, signs of the disease, what you can do about it, and references. Published by the UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation, October 2007.

FOR119/FR174 Chapter 8: Selecting Coastal Plain Species for Wind Resistance

FOR-119, a 13-page full color fact sheet by Mary L. Duryea and Eliana Kampf, is part of the Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program series. It presents the research and methodology that lead to lists of relative wind resistance for coastal plain tree species. Includes recommendations for selecting and establishing trees for a healthier and more wind-resistant urban forest. Published by the UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation, September 2007.