Florida Crop/Pest Profile: Sugarcane

Sugarcane field in Belle Glade, Florida.

Sugarcane (Saccharum interspecific hybrids) is the main source of sugar in the world. It is grown in more than 90 countries in tropical and subtropical regions. Cultivation techniques and production challenges vary by location (Rott 2017; Rott 2018). This 19-page document discusses characteristics of the sugarcane crop and pests affecting its production in Florida, which is the largest producer of sugarcane in the United States. Written by P. Rott, D. C. Odero, J. M. Beuzelin, R. N. Raid, M. VanWeelden, S. Swanson, and M. Mossler, and published by the UF/IFAS Agronomy Department, revised May 2018.

SC087 Projected Costs and Returns for Sugarcane Production on Mineral Soils of South Florida, 2007-2008

SC087, a 16-page report by Fritz M. Roka, Jose Alvarez, and Leslie E. Baucum, develops a model enterprise budget that reflects annual costs and returns for a 5,000-acre farm that grows sugarcane on mineral soils. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, September 2009.

SSAGR253/SC052 Backyard Sugarcane

Revised! SS-AGR-253, a 5-page fact sheet by L. Baucum, R.W. Rice, and L. Muralles, informs homeowners of the types and varieties of sugarcane, site selection, planting material, planting, early care, formation of the stool, pest management, harvesting, and overwintering. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, October 2009.

SL295/SS508 Review of Current Sugarcane Fertilizer Recommendations: A Report from the UF/IFAS Sugarcane Fertilizer Standards Task Force

SL-295, a 6-page report by K.T. Morgan, J.M. McCray, R.W. Rice, R.A. Gilbert and L.E. Baucum, reports the findings of a task force of Florida agronomists and soil scientists, agents and local grower representatives. It includes a review of the current fertilizer recommendations for sugarcane, a review of recent sugarcane fertilizer research, and an assessment of the gaps and recommended research priorities. Published by the UF Department of Soil and Water Science, July 2009.

SS-AGR-332/SC032 An Overview of Florida Sugarcane

Revised! SS-AGR-232, an 8-page illustrated fact sheet by L. E. Baucum and R. W. Rice, answers the most frequently asked questions about the commercial Florida sugarcane industry and describes the production of sugarcane and sugar. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, August 2009.

FE754 Economic Impacts of the U.S. Sugar Corporation in Florida: Implications of the Purchase by the State of Florida

Figure 1. Map of U.S. Sugar Corporation lands, state wildlife management areas, stormwater treatment areas, and water conservation areas in South Florida.
FE754, a 10-page illustrated report by Alan W. Hodges, W. David Mulkey, Thomas H. Spreen, and Rodney L. Clouser, evaluate the economic impacts of the current operations of USSC and the potential impact under the proposed purchase, based on publicly available
information from the company’s website (http://www.ussugar.com
) and other sources. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Food and Resource Economics, October 2008.