CRISPR: A Technical Breakthrough for Tomato Research

Freshly picked tomatoes.

CRISPR is a contemporary biological technology that has attracted the interest of both the science community and the general public. This 4-page article discusses why tomato researchers are interested in CRISPR, what tomato traits have been targeted by CRISPR, and potential applications of CRISPR for tomato genetics and breeding. Written by Tong Geon Lee and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Horticultural Sciences, February 2018.

Implementing the Four Rs (4Rs) in Nutrient Stewardship for Tomato Production

Freshly picked tomatoes.Fertilization plays a critical role in tomato production across the state of Florida. However, appropriate fertilization management depends on four major components (4Rs): right source, right rate, right placement, and right timing. Farming practices that follow the 4Rs can provide nutrients for optimal tomato productivity while minimizing the risk of nutrient losses and adverse environmental effects, both of which are important to the development of agricultural sustainability. This 6-page fact sheet discusses the 4Rs as well as conventional dry source fertilizers, controlled-release or slow-release source fertilizers, and liquid source fertilizers. Written by Qingren Wang, Guodong Liu, Kelly Morgan, and Yuncong Li, and published by the UF Department of Horticultural Sciences, October 2015.