Gender Affirmation Surgery: Financial Considerations

January 2007 calendar, During the excitement of the holiday season, many people overspend. Bringing this and other debt under control often seems like a daunting task. IFAS Extension family economics programs are helping people regain control of their finances by providing money management tips for reducing debt. UF/IFAS Photo by: Thomas Wright.

This 3-page factsheet provides a brief overview of gender-affirming medical care, expenses, and funding options. A glossary with key terms discussed in this publication is included at the end. Written by Chloe W. Swearingen, Megan Donovan, Jorge Ruiz-Menjivar, and Sarah M. Ellis, and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, November 2020.

Breast Cancer: Preparing for Surgery

Images of Rahim Remtulla working at the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh for the CALS lookbook project.Once you and your doctor schedule your breast cancer surgery, you may have additional questions about how you can prepare for your operation. This 5-page fact sheet provides information to help you get ready for breast cancer surgery through a brief overview of common surgical options, medical appointments, social support systems, and standard surgical procedures as well as reactions and memories of women who have gone through this experience. Written by Martha C. Monroe and Barbara F. Shea, and published by the UF Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences. Revised February 2016.