Economic Value of Florida Water Resources: Contributions of Tourism and Recreation to the Economy

Recreation is only one of the benefits people receive from water resources. Water is essential for fisheries and aquaculture, for drinking and bathing, for sanitation, and for spiritual and symbolic purposes, among myriad other uses described in the Economic Value of Florida Water Resources series. This 6-page fact sheet written by Tatiana Borisova, Kurt Oehlbeck, Xiang Bi, Tara Wade, Alan Hodges, Kelly Grogan, and Fe Hei and published by the UF/IFAS is the second part of the series. It discusses the contribution of water-based tourism to the economy in various Florida regions, summarizing a number of economic studies and focusing on freshwater-based recreation, such as canoeing, freshwater angling, wildlife watching, lake- or river-shore hiking, spring diving, and more. Readers can pick and choose the studies most relevant to their geographic area or their area of interest.