Creciendo Papas en el Jardín de su Hogar en la Florida

Pick any vegetable crop - from lettuce and tomatoes to peppers and potatoes - chances are IFAS research is helping Florida farmers produce a superior product for consumers in todays copetitive marketplace.
The Irish potato is a cool-season crop. A recently grown and harvested potato exhibits different flavor profiles from one that has been in storage or on a grocery shelf for an extended period. For example, in storage, the starches in potatoes convert to sugars, resulting in a less desirable texture and taste. “New” potato flavor can be achieved in the home garden by following a few growing recommendations. This is ten-page fact sheet is the Spanish language version of HS933 Growing Potatoes in the Florida Home Garden. Written by Christian T. Christensen, Joel Reyes-Cabrera, Lincoln Zotarelli, Wendy J. Dahl, Doug Gergela, Jeffery E. Pack, James M. White, and Chad M. Hutchinson.