Luffa: an Asian Vegetable Emerging in Florida

The fruit of angled luffa have a longer shelf life and are more tolerant to shipping than those of smooth luffa. The angled luffa is more popular in Florida's commercial farms for Asian vegetable crops. Credits: Guodong Liu, UF/IFAS

Luffa is the genus name of several tropical and subtropical plants in the cucumber family. Alternatively spelled “Loofa” or “Loofah,” the name is derived from the plant’s use as a material for sponges and dish cloths for bathing and cleaning dishes. This six page fact sheet describes the two types of Luffa, how to cultivate them, and what they can be used for. Written by Yucong Xie, Guodong Liu, Yuncong Li, and Kati Migliaccio and published by the Horticultural Sciences Department.