Bacterial Spot of Pepper

A pile of harvested bell peppers. UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones

Bacterial spot, caused by three species of Xanthomonas, is a limiting disease problem on all peppers. This new 4-page fact sheet provides information on symptoms, causal organism and host resistance, disease cycle and epidemiology, and disease management (including cultural and sanitation practices, chemical control measures and the use of Actigard in chile peppers). Written by Camille McAvoy, Pamela Roberts, and Jeffrey Jones, and published by the UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department.

Integrated Management of Bacterial Spot on Tomato in Florida

View of diseased tissue under microscope exhibiting bacterial streaming.

Bacterial spot is one of the most detrimental diseases of tomato and is especially severe in the southeast United States when weather conditions (high temperature, high humidity, and rain) become conducive for disease development. This new 8-page publication of the UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department presents updated information about the causal pathogen and management of bacterial spot on tomato in Florida. Written by Amanda Strayer-Scherer, Ying-Yu Liao, Peter Abrahamian, Sujan Timilsina, Mathews Paret, Tim Momol, Jeff Jones, and Gary Vallad.

Mancha foliar causada por Xanthomonas en Ficus elastica

Figure 5. High incidence and severity of Xanthomonas blight on F. elastica.En verano del 2010, en viveros de Homestead se reportaron casos de Ficus elastica con manchas foliares circulares que se asemejan a los síntomas causados por la bacteria fitopatógena Xanthomonas campestris pv fici, aún no reportada en Ficus elastica. El daño severo affectó a la mayoría de los productores comerciales del sur de la Florida. This is the Spanish language version of Bacterial Blight of Ficus elastic Caused by Xanthomonas (PP305). This 3-page fact sheet was written by E. V. Campoverde, A. J. Palmateer, and P. Lopez, and published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, July 2014.

Bacterial Blight of Ficus elastica Caused by Xanthomonas (PP305)

Figure 5. High incidence and severity of Xanthomonas blight on F. elastica. In the summer of 2010, leaf blight cases were reported on several Ficus elastica cultivars in Homestead nurseries. Symptoms somewhat resembled those caused by Xanthomonas campestris p.v. fici, but this pathogen has never been reported to occur on Ficus elastica. The outbreak was severe, and the majority of commercial producers in the southern portion of the state were affected. The widespread outbreak from 2010 to date has caused many nurseries to lose entire Ficus elastica crops. This 3-page fact sheet describes the symptoms and disease management recommendations. Written by E. V. Campoverde and A. J. Palmateer, and published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, April 2013.

PP62/PP107 Common Bacterial Blight of Snap Bean in Florida

Revised! PP-62, a 3-page illustrated fact sheet by Shouan Zhang, Aaron J. Palmateer, Ken Pernezny and Jeffrey B. Jones, describes this most frequently encountered bacterial disease of snap bean in Florida, its symptoms, cause and disease cycle, and control. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, February 2009.