Freshwater Fish of New River, Belize

bay snook

Belize is home to an abundant diversity of freshwater fish species and is often considered a fishing paradise. The New River area is a popular freshwater fishing destination in the Orange Walk district of northern Belize. Here locals and visitors alike take to the lagoons and waterways for dinner or for good sportfishing. This 3-page guide written by Venetia Briggs-Gonzalez, Kyle Allen, and Frank J. Mazzotti and published by the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department highlights the most popular species in the area and will help people identify and understand these species.

Goliath Grouper: Giant of the Reef (SGEF179/SG103)

goliath grouperManagement of the goliath grouper, the largest member of the seabass family, has become an intensely debated issue in recent years. This 5-page fact sheet provides factual information on the biology and ecology of goliath grouper relevant to these issues. Written by John Stevely and Bryan Fluech and published by the UF Department of Sea Grant, September 2011.