US Consumer Preferences for Home Lawn Fertilizers

Consumer preferences for home lawn fertilizers are not always informed and do not always align with best practices. Understanding the disconnect will help turf industry educators better address consumers’ misperceptions about fertilizers, and help industry stakeholders design more appealing products and educate consumers effectively as they promote them. Knowing consumer preferences greatly reduces stakeholders’ risks and improves efficiency in determining future product and promotional strategies. This 4-page report discusses the findings of a 2013 survey of 1,066 US homeowners about their preferences and willingness-to-pay for various lawn fertilizer attributes. Written by Hayk Khachatryan, Alicia Rihn, and Michael Dukes and published by the Food and Resource Economics Department.

FE709/FE709 Basic Marketing Strategies for Improving Business Performance in the Turf and Lawncare Industry

FE709, a 3-page fact sheet by John J. Haydu and Alan W. Hodges, discusses five simple marketing strategies that can improve the bottom line performance of turf or lawncare
businesses. Published by the UF Department of Food and Resource Economics, March 2008.