Dooryard Citrus Production: Asiatic Citrus Canker Disease

Figure 3. Young canker lesions on leaves have a blister-like appearance with water-soaked margins. Photo is magnified to show detail of lesions.
Asiatic citrus canker is a bacterial disease of citrus that causes necrotic lesions on leaves, stems, and fruit of infected trees. Severe cases can cause defoliation, premature fruit drop, twig dieback, and general tree decline.This eight-page fact sheet explains the history of citrus canker in Florida, describes the symptoms of citrus canker, and details how to manage the spread of citrus canker disease by preventing infection and controlling existing infections. Written by Megan M. Dewdney, Jamie D. Burrow, James H. Graham, Timothy M. Spann, and Ryan A. Atwood, and published by the Horticultural Sciences department.