Phytophtora Management in Citrus Nurseries

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Check out the new fact sheet about Phytopthora Management in Citrus Nurseries. A great on-hand resource, this fact sheet covers sanitation practices, tools, and potting media for citrus nurseries. It also illustrates correct and incorrect practices and provides information about disinfectants and chemicals to use. Written by Megan M. Dewdney and Jamie D. Burrow, and published by the Plant Pathology Department.

Phytophthora Identification and Sampling in Citrus Nurseries

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Phytophthora species are important soil-borne, fungus-like pathogens that attack the root systems, trunk, and fruit of citrus trees at any age. The front of this identification sheet includes images of healthy and infested roots and descriptions of leaf and root symptoms. The back lists sampling procedures: soil collection, soil testing, and diagnosing phytophthora. Written by Jamie D. Burrow, Diane B. Bright, Tim D. Riley, and James H. Graham, and published by the UF Department of Soil and Water Science, July 2015.

Bud Rot of Palm (PP220/PP144)

Figure 3. Bud rot of Cocos nucifera: no new leaves are emerging and crown is open-topped, while older leaves in canopy look healthy at this time.To understand bud rots, an explanation of palm anatomy is necessary. The growing point of the palm is often called the bud or heart. All leaves originate from there, and each palm stem has only one. Thus, when the bud is damaged or diseased, the palm usually dies. The first symptom is discoloration and wilting of the spear leaf and wilting/discoloration of the next youngest leaf. This 4-page fact sheet was written by Monica L. Elliott, and published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, July 2012.

PP269 Phytophthora Management for Commercial Citrus Groves

PP269, a 2-page full-color fact sheet by Megan M. Dewdney and Jamie D. Yates, highlights symptoms and management for phytophthora foot rot, brown rot, phytophthora root rot, and diaprepes root weevil in citrus groves. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, August 2009.

PP262 Phytophthora-Related Citrus Diseases Identification Sheet1

PP262, a 2-page illustrated identification sheet by Megan Dewdney and Jamie D. Yates, can be used to identify four Phytophthora-related diseases of citrus–phytophthora foot rot, brown rot, phytopththora root rot, and diaprepes root weevil. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, March 2009.