Pecan Cultivars for North Florida (HS106)

pecan grove in North FloridaPecan recommendations for Florida have been updated to include new information about cultivar performance. Check out this 13-page fact sheet to select the best cultivars for yield, performance, resistance to disease, and resistance to limb breakage. Written by Peter C. Andersen, and published by the UF Department of Horticultural Sciences, September 2011. (UF/IFAS Photo: Thomas Wright.)

PI217 Florida Crop/Pest Management Profile: Pecan

PI217, a 7-page illustrated fact sheet by Mark A. Mossler, profiles this nut crop commercially grown in the northern and western regions of the state — production facts, regions and practices, as well as management of mites and insects, weeds, diseases and nematodes. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Horticultural Sciences, August 2009.