Identificacion del Estres Termico en Vacas Lecheras

Dairy cows being milked in a milking parlour at the Shenandoah Dairy Farm. Milking, milk production.

El estrés térmico ocurre cuando el calor producido por los procesos biológicos y el calor absorbido del ambiente excede la capacidad de la vaca para perder calor. This 2-page document is the Spanish version of AN356, Recognizing Heat Stress in Dairy Cows. Written by Izabella Toledo and Geoffrey Dahl, and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences, October 2019.

Are Cows Comfortable in Modern Dairy Facilities?

A dairy calf. Photo taken 04-01-17.

The main challenge of modern large dairy operations is to achieve high milk yield per cow without sacrificing health and welfare. Properly designed and managed facilities allow calves, heifers, and cows to be comfortable and successfully grow, mature, maintain health, and reach peak performance. This 8-page document discusses facilities, cow comfort, resting behavior, feed and water access and availability, stocking density, and heat stress. Written by Izabella Toledo, and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Animal Sciences, December 2018.