Satsuma Mandarin Budget and Profitability Analysis for North Florida

satsuma tree

This 16-page analysis written by Kevin R. Athearn, Peter C. Andersen, Bent V. Brodbeck, Lei Lani L. Davis, Clay Olson, Daniel K. Fenneman, Matthew Lollar, Derek Farnsworth, and Michael Perez and published by the UF/IFAS Food and Resource Economics Department provides research-based information and a description of satsuma mandarin markets, production costs, and potential returns for citrus growers who are considering establishing a satsuma grove in north Florida. Its purpose is to serve as a reference and model for growers to create their own enterprise budgets and make financial projections. An enterprise budget estimates revenues, costs, and net returns for a particular crop or farm enterprise to help growers assess the economic viability and risk of an enterprise, compare enterprises, and evaluate production or marketing changes. The budget and financial analysis may assist prospective and current satsuma growers, agricultural consultants, and lenders with planning and decision making.

Bio-based Products from Biomass (AE483)

Biomass is renewable biological materials, such as trees, plants, grasses, vegetables, algae, food wastes, animal manures, and other organic wastes. Like fossil fuels, biomass can produce a wide selection of bio-based by-products while producing renewable energy. Learn more in this 5-page fact sheet written by Zhaohui Tong, Letian Wang, and Clay B. Olson, and published by the UF Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, September 2011.(AP photo/University of Florida/IFAS/Thomas Wright)

AN234 Perennial Peanut: Forage Nutritional Composition and Feeding Value

AN234, a 6-page fact sheet by Bob Myer, Lori Warren, Juliet Eckert, Dennis Hancock, Ann Blount, and Clay Olson, summarizes nutritional composition data and results of animal feeding studies, including studies with horses. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Animal Sciences, February 2010.