Bermudagrass Stem Maggot: A New Pest in Florida

Figure 2. Bermudagrass stem maggot Credit: Tim WilsonBermudagrass is a dominant hay crop in Florida. Now, hay producers are facing a new emerging pest problem in bermudagrass and stargrass production fields. The bermudagrass stem maggot, is a new exotic invasive fly. It was first discovered damaging bermudagrass pasture and hay fields in Georgia. The identification of the fly was the first record of this species in North America, and it has the potential to become a serious pest of bermudagrass and stargrass in Florida. This 2-page fact sheet was written by Ann Blount, Tim Wilson, Jay Ferrell, Russ Mizell, and Jonael Bosques, and published by the UF Department of Agronomy, June 2014.

SSAGR257/AG243 Managing Bahiagrass in Bermudagrass and Stargrass Pastures

Revised! SS-AGR-257, a 4-page illustrated fact sheet by B. A. Sellers and J. A. Ferrell, describes how to prevent encroachment by bahiagrassinto bermudagrass and stargrass pastures in Florida, and provides recommendations for chemical control, the impact of herbicide applications, and how to reduce forage-yield loss. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, November 2009.