Sugarcane Cultivars Descriptive Fact Sheet: CP 96-1252, CP 01-1372, and CP 00-1101

CP 96-1252 at early growth stage in muck soil.

Sugarcane cultivars CP 96-1252, CP 01-1372, and CP 00-1101 are the top three commercial sugarcane cultivars in Florida, occupying more than 43% of total sugarcane area. These cultivars are developed through the cooperative agreement among the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Canal Point, the UF/IFAS Everglades Research and Education Center in Belle Glade, and the Florida Sugar Cane League. This 4-page fact sheet provides information on the cultivars, their parentage, flowering, cold tolerance, yields, disease response, and major growth or yield issues. Written by Hardev Sandhu and Wayne Davidson, and published by the UF Agronomy Department, December 2016.