Risk Management for 4-H Youth Development Work: Large Animals-Horses

This 13-page publication is one in the series Risk Management for 4-H Youth Development Work. It addresses the risks involving horses at 4-H events. Written by Saundra TenBroeck, Wendy DeVito, Dale Pracht, Chad Carr, Brittani Kirkland, and Georgene Bender and published by the UF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Department, February 2018.

Risk Management for 4-H Youth Development Work: Large Animals: Livestock

Beef Cattle at the Straughn Extension Professional Development Center and at the Horse Teaching Unit. Livestock, cows. UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones.Most people involved in youth livestock exhibition are familiar with the physical risks of handling and transporting livestock, but public spectators generally need more instruction and supervision to ensure their safety and health. The Risk Management for 4-H Youth Development Work series aims to provide UF/IFAS Extension county faculty, staff, volunteers, and youth with the knowledge they need to implement best practices in risk management strategies. This 8-page fact sheet covers risks in the following categories: injuries to people, injuries to animals, property damage, biosecurity (diseases transmitted to humans and between animals), and general precautions. Written by Chad Carr, Saundra TenBroeck, Wendy DeVito, Chris Strong, Dale Pracht, and Georgene Bender, and published by the UF Department of Animal Sciences, November 2015.

4-H Horse and Pony Lease (4HHSF01/4H318)

In the Florida 4-H Horse Lease Program, the same animal may be leased by up to three 4-H members and all Lessees must conform to the requirements of the Florida 4-H Equine Program. This revised 7-page publication contains the forms that might be needed for one 4-H’er to lease a horse: a page of instructions, a page of advice, the 3-page lease form, and 2 copies of the addendum (if up to two others are sharing Horse). Written by E.L. Johnson and Wendy DeVito, and published by the UF Department of 4-H Youth Development, March 2011.