Well Installation Procedures for Agricultural Irrigation in Miami-Dade County (AE489)

Figure 1.  Screenshot from the SFWMD website for ePermitting of the online application for Water Use Permits.Water wells or groundwater wells are the main source of irrigation water for agriculture in Miami-Dade County. Depending on the purpose and characteristics of the well, different permits are required for installing the well and pumping water from the well. The information provided in this 4-page fact sheet is based on current rules, contacts, and prices as of March 2012 for Miami-Dade County. Written by Kati W. Migliaccio, E. Vanessa Campoverde, and Ann Marie Superchi, and published by the UF Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, June 2012.

Evolution of water quality regulations in the United States and Florida (AE431)

Water is essential to sustain life. Not only do we all need a certain quantity of water each day, but the quality of the available water is also critical. Water quality protection in the United States evolved from initially ensuring navigability of waterways to protecting our natural ecosystems. This 5-page fact sheet provides a background for understanding water quality and how it is evaluated and regulated in the U.S. with particular focus on the state of Florida. Written by Kati W. Migliaccio, Yuncong Li, and Thomas A. Obreza. Published by the UF Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, January 2011.