Developing a Mentorship Program in Higher Education Institutions

Founder of The Heritage lab and Wikipedian Medhabi as mentor

Higher education institutions are currently tackling a growing number of organizational challenges that have forced departments to evolve their business practices. Administrators faced with the need for more diverse programs must decide whether to develop talent internally or recruit new qualified candidates. Given the great cost of faculty searches and the perceived diminishing availability of talented applicants, it is imperative that administrators understand the value of mentoring relationships to fill openings with qualified candidates. However, formal mentoring programs have been slow to develop in higher education institutions. This new 4-page publication defines mentorship, explains the value of mentorship, and describes how mentoring programs can be established. Written by Jonathan M. Orsini, Matthew P. Benge, and Hannah S. Carter, and published by the UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication.