Getting Started in the 4-H Embryology Project: Tips for 4-H Agents and Teachers

Figure 1.  Children can learn the science of life through the 4-H Embryology Project. Credit: Marcus Boston, UF/IFASUsually considered an enrichment project for classrooms, the 4-H Embryology Project can also be modified for club or individual use. In it, young people use an incubator to grow avian embryos (inside fertile eggs) through the hatching process. Students learn basic biology and life science while they eagerly look forward to hatching chicks. This 5-page fact sheet describes the necessary equipment and other resources and provides tips and suggestions to increase the hatchability of fertile avian eggs. Written by Marcus Boston, Chris Decubellis, and Judith Levings, and published by the UF Department of 4-H Youth Development, April 2015. (Photo: Marcus Boston, UF/IFAS)