TP107/SG083 A Recreational Boater-Based Method for Re-designing the NOS Small-Craft Chart

New to EDIS! TP-107, a 145-page illustrated project report by Gustavo Antonini, Niels West, Charles Sidman, and Robert Swett, reports on a project to determine chart information which would satisfy criteria for safe, modern navigation and promote environmental stewardship. The prototype chart covers the southwest Florida coast from lower Tampa Bay to Charlotte Harbor. Published by the Florida Sea Grant Program, December 2000. Reviewed March 2008.

SGR-102/SG085 A Computer-Directed Geographic Coastal Use Classification System for Ecologic Planning: The Case of the Florida Keys

SGR-102, a 104-page illustrated report by Gustavo A. Antonini, Leonard Zobler, and Robert Swett, presents a baywater assimilation-capacity approach to coastal zone management, using the Florida Keys (Stock Island) as a case study. Originally published April 1992 by the Florida Sea Grant College Program.