Termite Prevention and Control

A modest Florida ranch house with dogwoods, oak trees, and a largec cycad in the yard. House is completely covered by a green and orange striped tent with a warning signed pinned near the front walkway indicating fumigation..

This 16-page guide written by F. M. Oi, J. Davis, J. McConnell, J. Corbus, N. Nelson, and M. Atkinson and published by the UF/IFAS Entomology and Nematology Department is intended to help homeowners make informed choices about the best termite protection for their homes.

Assessment-based Pest Management of German Cockroaches

public school pesticide kit

Assessment-based pest management emphasizes the importance of evaluating the intensity of a pest problem before treating the problem. This 10-page fact sheet written by F.M. Oi, E. Weeks, J. Jonovich, and D. Miller and published by the UF/IFAS Entomology and Nematology Department explains the strategy and includes a decision flow chart to provide an easy-to-follow overview on how a German cockroach problem can be assessed and successfully managed with specific guidance for each of four levels described in the fact sheet. The levels described constitute an escalation protocol that may approximate the tiers in a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) pest-management plan and may meet the requirements of some “green” pest-management certification programs, depending on level.

What Not To Do for Bed Bugs / Que No Hacer contra las Chinches (ENY2026/IN925)

Figure 1.  Engorged adult and nymphal bed bug.In desperate attempts to eliminate bed bugs, people often turn to home remedies that can be fatal. Here is a list of what not to do for bed bug control.
En desesperados intentos para eliminar las chinches, las personas usan remedios caseros que pueden ser fatales.Lo siguiente es una lista de lo que NO se debe hacer para tratar de controlar las Chinches.
This 2-page Spanish/English fact sheet was written by Faith M. Oi, Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman, Eddie Connor, Marty Overline, Brian Taggart, and Louis Witherington, and published by the UF Department of Entomology and Nematology, March 2012.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of the Caribbean Crazy Ant, Nylanderia (=Paratrechina) pubens (Forel) (ENY2006/IN889)

Caribbean crazy ants with their brood. Incidents of Caribbean crazy ant infestations are on the rise! These highly active ants are
annoying to residents and pets. And, they can cause short circuits and power outages if they infest electrical equipment. Learn how to identify and apply the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) to deal with these difficult pests in this 4-page fact sheet written by Dawn Calibeo and Faith Oi and published by the UF Department of Entomology and Nematology, July 2011.

ENY-211/IG098 Drywood and Dampwood Termites

Revised! ENY-211, a 6-page illustrated fact sheet by F. M. Oi, R. Scheffrahn, W. Kern, and K. C. Ruppert, describes these two groups of structurally damaging termites that live inside the wood they eat, signs of infestation, and control. Published by the UF Department of Entomology and Nematology, June 2008.