HS1159 Estimating Copper, Manganese and Zinc Micronutrients in Fungicide Applications

HS1159, an 8-page fact sheet by Bee Ling Poh, Amanda Gevens, Eric Simonne, and Crystal Snodgrass, uses tomato as an example to list common sources of micronutrients in common fungicides, estimates micronutrient applications for an entire crop, and discusses the availability of these micronutrients so that the contributions of these sources of micronutrients can be factored in to the fertilizer programs for vegetable crops. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Horticultural Sciences, August 2009.

PP266 Cucumber Anthracnose in Florida

PP266, a 5-page illustrated fact sheet by Jessica Palenchar, Danielle D. Treadwell, Lawrence E. Datnoff, and Amanda J. Gevens, describes the symptoms, causal organism, disease cycle, and management of cucumber anthracnose in Florida. Includes references. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, May 2009.

PPP6/PG100 2008 Florida Plant Disease Management Guide: Chemical Control Guide for Diseases of Vegetables, Revision No. 19

Revised! PPP-6, a 108-page publication by Ken Pernezny, Amanda Gevens, Tim Momol, Aaron Palmateer, Natalia Peres, Richard Raid, Pam Roberts, Gary Vallad, and Shousan Zhang, is a guide to lawful use of sprayable chemicals intended for control of plant diseases affecting vegetables grown in Florida. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, September 2008.

SP103/VH021 Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide

Revised! SP-103, a 12-page fact sheet by J.M. Stephens, Sydney Park Brown, Danielle Treadwell, Susan Webb, Amanda Gevens, R.A. Dunn, G. Kidder, D. Short, and G.W. Simone, provides research-based recommendations appropriate for home gardens. It covers planning, soil preparation, compost and fertilizing, irrigation and drainage, and pest management with and without pesticides. Includes tables with fertilizer and insectic control recommendations, a planting guide with planting dates and spacing information, and a table of varieties recommended for Florida gardens. Published by the UF Horticultural Sciences Department, February 2009.

PP-13/VH013 Black Rot of Crucifers

Revised! PP-13, a 3-page fact sheet by Tom Kucharek, Jim Strandberg and Amanda Gevens, describes this bacterial plant disease affecting cruciferous vegetables and weeds — its causes and symptoms, and control measures. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, September 2008.

PP254/PP170 Organic Management of Vegetable Diseases, Part II: Foliar Pathogens

PP-254, a 6-page fact sheet by Amanda Gevens and Gary Vallad, emphasizes the management of foliar disease and serves as a
guide to assist growers in selecting strategies to manage disease in a sustainable system. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, July 2008.

PP253/PP169 Organic Management of Vegetable Diseases Part I: Soilborne Pathogens

PP-253, a 5-page fact sheet by Gary Vallad and Amanda Gevens, is an overview of six “REPEAT” principles of plant-disease control (Resistance, Eradication, Protection, Exclusion, Avoidance, and Therapy) with an emphasis on methods acceptable in certified organic vegetable production for controlling plant disease caused by soilborne pathogens. Published by the UF Department of Plant Pathology, June 2008.