Sapote Fruit Fly, Serpentine Fruit Fly, Anastrepha serpentina (Wiedemann) (Insecta: Diptera: Tephritidae) (EENY206/IN363)

Figure 3.  Egg of the sapote fruit fly, Anastrepha serpentina (Wiedemann), compared with other common Anastrepha species.The sapote fruit fly, Anastrepha serpentina (Wiedemann), sometimes called the serpentine fruit fly, is intercepted frequently in United States ports of entry in various hosts from several countries. It is an important pest species in Mexico because its larvae infest sapote, sapodilla, willowleaf lucuma, and related fruits. This 3-page fact sheet was written by H. V. Weems, Jr., and published by the UF Department of Entomology and Nematology, March 2012.