VM-174/VM136 Investigating Vaccination Failure in Poultry Flocks

VM-174, a 5-page fact sheet by Gary D. Butcher and Mojtaba Yegani, discusses disease management in poultry, why vaccination is used and reasons why a vacccine may fail to protect the flock. Includes references. Published by the UF College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, November 2008.

VM174/VM137 The Role of Humans in Poultry Disease Outbreaks

VM174, a 3-page fact sheet by Gary Butcher and Mojtaba Yegani, focuses on the roles people may play in the occurrence of diseases in commercial poultry operations and what should be done to reduce or minimize the effects of this potential risk factor. Published by the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, December 2008.