Texas Phoenix Palm Decline

Figure 5. Discoloration of the lowest (older) leaves is an early symptom of TPPD in cabbage palm.
Texas Phoenix palm decline is a new disease in Florida, caused by an unculturable bacterium. It is a fatal, systemic disease that kills palms relatively quickly. This six-page fact sheet explains the pathogen and hosts of TPPD, its symptoms, how to diagnose it, and provides disease management practices. Written by Nigel A. Harrison and Monica L. Elliott and published by the Plant Pathology Department.

PP-243/PP163 Texas Phoenix Palm Decline

Revised! PP-243, a 5-page illustrated fact-sheet by Nigel A. Harrison and Monica L. Elliott, describes this new systemic disease affecting primarily date palms in Florida, the pathogen and hosts, symptoms, diagnostics, and disease management. Includes references. Published by UF Department of Plant Pathology, February 2009.