Environmental Stresses and Your Florida Lawn

Figure 1. A lawn showing nitrogen deficiency symptoms.
Florida lawns are subject to many environmental stresses. These can include nutrient deficiency, salinity, temperature extremes, over- or under-watering, soil problems, and prolonged exposure to shade or traffic. The use of proper cultural practices will help keep your lawn healthy and more stress-tolerant. This two-page fact sheet explains how to choose the most appropriate grass, fertilize properly, mow to the correct height, and irrigate for your lawn’s needs. Written by L.E. Trenholm, and published by the Environmental Horticulture Department.

ENH14/EP098 Overseeding Florida Lawns for Winter Color

Revised! ENH14, a 4-page illustrated fact sheet by L.E. Trenholm and J. Bryan Unruh, describes this practice used to provide green winter turf color for Florida lawns — selecting rye grasses, seedbed preparation, maintenance, and transitioning back to permanent grass. Published by UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, December 2010.