Flatwoods Citrus Best Management Practice: Soil Stabilization

Figure 5.  Canal bank stabilization in a high velocity area using a hardened synthetic ground covering. Credit: PCW
This best management practice describes stabilization practices for erosion-prone soils within flatwoods citrus groves. Significant amounts of soil may be deposited in drainage ditches and canals because of the erosion of grove soils. These deposited soils reduce the capacity for holding and transporting water. Plus, very small soil fractions may be suspended in discharge water then settle out in slower flowing areas and destroy submerged aquatic habitats, resulting in the loss of fish, invertebrate, and plant species important for healthy ecosystems. Fortunately, a variety of slope stabilization methods are available. This publication describes considerations for using plants for stabilization, or mulch-like materials. Written by P. Chris Wilson, Liberta Scotto, Brian Boman, and Tim Gaver. Original publication date March 2002. Revised April 2012 and August 2014. Reviewed August 2015.