New Florida Foliage Plant Cultivar: Pothos ‘Pearls and Jade’ (ENH1180/EP441)

Pothos plants are tree-climbing vines native to the Solomon Islands, but they flower seldom and never under greenhouse conditions or in interior environments. As a result, no hybridized pothos cultivars are known to exist. Because of the barriers to hybridization, a program was initiated at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center (MREC) in Apopka, Florida, to induce mutations in order to develop new pothos varieties. Pothos ‘Pearls and Jade’® (Fig.1) is a mutation selection from a group of ‘Marble Queen’ plants. This 4-page fact sheet describing the new hybrid was written by R. J. Henny, J. Chen, and T. A. Mellich, and published by the UF Department of Environmental Horticulture, March 2011.

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