Reclaimed Water Use in the Landscape series

Reclaimed water is former wastewater from households, schools, offices, hospitals, and commercial and industrial facilities that has been disinfected and treated to remove certain impurities such as nutrients and pathogens. After flowing out of wastewater treatment plants, reclaimed water is piped back to communities for reuse in numerous domestic, industrial, and agricultural applications. Though reclaimed water cannot be used for drinking water in Florida, it is considered highly safe and reliable for non-potable water needs. These fact sheets were written by Gurpal S. Toor and Mary Lusk, and published by the UF Department of Soil and Water Science, January 2011:
What’s in Reclaimed Water and Where Does It Go? (SL337/SS542)
Constituents of Concern in Reclaimed Water (SL338/SS543)
Managing Salinity, Sodicity, and Specific Ions in Sites Irrigated with Reclaimed Water (SL340/SS545)
Understanding Landscape Irrigation Water Quality Tests (SL341/SS546)