Circle Hooks (SGEF170/SG042)

A circle hook is a fishing hook designed and manufactured so that the point is turned perpendicularly back to the shank to form a generally circular or oval shape. The unique shape of the circle hook keeps the hook from catching in the gut cavity or throat, resulting in higher survival rates for released fish. Learn more in this 2-page fact sheet written by Don Sweat and Steve Kearl, and published by the UF Sea Grant Program, June 2008.

Catch-and-Release: Things You Can Do to Help Saltwater Fish Survive (SGEF168/SG096)

This 2-page guide offers tips on how you can properly handle and release saltwater fish. This also includes new Gulf reef fishing gear requirements implemented June 1, 2008. Written by Steve Kearl and Lee Schlesinger and published by the UF Sea Grant Program, May 2008.