SS-AGR-269/AG275: Burndown of Ryegrass Cover Crops Prior to Crop Planting

SS-AGR-269, a 3-page illustrated fact sheet by J.A. Ferrell, D.L. Wright, B.J. Brecke, G.E. MacDonald, provides recommendations for using glyphosate to burn down ryegrass before planting, with specific information for corn, cotton, and peanuts and a table with conversion of rates based on formulation. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, April 2007.

SS-AGR-262/AG270: Recommendations for Spot-Spray Treatment of Tropical Soda Apple with Milestone

SS-AGR-262, a 2-page fact sheet by Jason Ferrell and Brent Sellers, reports the results of a field experiment to determine the rate and application procedure necessary to maximize TSA control with spot-treatments of Milestone. Published by the UF Department of Agronomy, April 2007.

PI-152/PI189: Licensing of Organotin Antifouling Paint Pest Control Applicators in Florida

PI-152, a 4-page fact sheet by Frederick M. Fishel, explains the licensing and regulation of persons who apply restricted use organotin antifouling paints in Florida. Published by the UF Pesticide Information Office, April 2007.

HS-1082/HS336: Uso del Cloro en las Lineas de Empacado de Productos Cosechados Frescos

HS-1082, a 5-page article by M.A. Ritenour, S.A. Sargent, J.A. Bartz and E.E. Lon Kan, is the Spanish language version of HS-761, Chlorine Use in Produce Packing Lines. It outlines principles for effectively using chlorine for water sanitation including sections on forms of chlorine, factors influencing chlorine activity, how to maintain adequate chlorine concentrations, test kids, recommendations, and how to mix chlorine solutions. Published by the UF Department of Horicultural Sciences, February 2007.

TP152/SG080 A Recreational Boating Characterization of Sarasota County

TP-152 is an 89 page illustrated report by Charles Sidman, Robert Swett, Tim Fik, Susan Fann, and Bill Sargent.  It documents the methods, procedures, and results of a map-based mail survey that was distributed to Brevard County boaters to obtain seasonal information about their boating preferences, use profiles, and travel patterns. Published by the UF Sea Grant College Program, January 2007.